Belt of Venus (Twilight Garden)
This series of images was taken at twilight in the garden.  The period of half-light, just as night turns to day or day to night is when one might see the Belt of Venus.  Atmospheric glowing bands of pink and blue. The Earth casting its shadow upon the horizon opposite the rising or setting sun.
Twilight can allude to a state of ambiguity, mystery or decline. It’s liminal time. Fleeting and transitional, the changing angle of light can transfigure how one perceives and experiences a place. The edge of twilight is a time of heightened awareness where one can become conscious of the hidden parts of our natural world.  The low slant of light illuminates concealed parts of the garden that are otherwise invisible.  Superhighways of spider silk suddenly come into view. Dewdrops become nightlights. For a brief moment, the garden takes on an otherworldly feel, colors change, the air often stills, birdsong ceases, shadows shift revealing overlooked corners. The garden is imbued with new mystery.
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